Sunday, December 7, 2008

Help me please

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters
I took a Fatwa from Dar-al Ifta
Al Masriyya
Hadiqat al-Azhar
P.O. Box 11675
Phone No.
Within Egypt: 107 – (02) 25970400
International: +20 2 25970400

The fatwa was about writing a book in which I will inshaa'allah explain the full working of Refrigerater and Air Conditioner Based on one ayah of Qur'an Hakeem
(We said O fire be coolness and safety for Ibrahim alaihissalaam)
The permission has been granted.
See the fatwa at the link below, please
or just click the image below

Now there are certain hurdles that are decreasing my heart.
1.I am jobless till the time.So I have to take the royalty of the book.Though this has been allowed by the Fatwa Council, but it is not better I feel.Will there be any hazard that can occur in consuming the royalty?
And how i can thwart that hazard?
2.If I make myself busy in this field, I have to forget all other fields for earning as this will consume a huge amount of time and thus leaving very small amount of time for other occupation.Should I step forward in this field?
3.I want that neither any dispute arises over my book, nor any imperfection remains in it, nor it has any negative effect over its viewers, nor it becomes unsuitable to the students.Otherwise it will fail to achieve its purpose of proving the truth hidden in Qur'an acceptable by everyone.
To throw all these can-happen possibilities out, I need help from the professionals of different fields who practice Islam and devote to Allah from heart and are not just so-called muslims.
I will send them the chapters written by me by e-mail or other communication methods.
If you can help or find anybody to help me in this matter,then please send your suggestions in the "COMMENTS" link of the post.
Please do aknowledge me about your qualification, your full name, address, telephone No. and e-mail address.

Muhammad Aslam
#133, Satsang Vihar
Ambala Road, Jagadhri
Distt. Yamuna Nagar
Haryana - 135003
Ph. No. 00911732211323
M. No. 00919050355258


Ezaz Abdul-Samad said...

I can edit your book for you, if that helps. You can find my full profile on orkut. I am proficient in the English language and in that I can help.

Tell me if you need help in any other field.

(Btw, I don't think you can make everyone happy, so your book will be accepted by some and rejected by others. You cannot avoid this. But move on, it's a good thought.)

fahad said...

assalam alaikum
i m sure aslam will do a great job writing an islamic book. i am his friend since quite a time on orkut n i know his feelings for the muslim ummah well. further he also sends islamic messages daily on cell phones it is quite an admirable job. i wish him all the best.

unique.ijaz said...

assalamu alikum
ya i read
that fatwa
i appreciate
but hw can u write with single ayah
abt regrigeration and aircondtioni
g any way ,all d bst bro
i can suggest u some of professors who can help u ,if u wish
i suggest u to do Ph.D or come out with a product that will be useful to both research and public,so that relation of ayah and refrigerarion will be clear to public,other wise ur book will be of no use,bcoz universities will not suggest ur book,u may have problem with publishers,so try to do more research and comeup with a product

syed mohamed kizar nawaz. said...

assalam alaikum.

good move go ahead..

if any help you need from my side i am always there with you...

jazakallah khir...

Azeem said...

Assalam o allayikum bro,

I think I may be able to help you out with your project. And InshAllah you'll achieve this dream if you have correct will and niyat. I can edit the book for you, offer you a section on our islamic forum, - though it will take an year to remake it - currently we are doing nothing on it, and i can also do the formatting, i might even be able to you help out with a publisher or something, but first you need to write a manuscript atleast.

If you need any aassistance, feel free to mail me at

FB said...

As salaamu alaikum,
It would be a pleasure to contribute anything I can to the book. My strength lies in the language skills and sentence formulation. You can mail me on or scrap me on Orkut.
All the best, May Allah(swt) accept your contribution.
- Fardeen B.

Абдель Гаффар said...

Assalamu aleykum, my brother!

I think,it's very important to show the Truth for the people.

Unfortunately, a lot of people now don't care about The Real Future (akhira) at all. We should not forget about our mission in this life, that Allah Tagala put on us. We have responsibility to understand the true religion and explain it for another people. It is THE REAL MATTER!

As you know I'm layer but I understand there is no real law except The Law of Allah Tagala. We must pay a fill attention for it!

Once you wrote me that you want to write a book for engineering students based on Qur'anic science. I think it is very interesting theme.

So let's continue your work! Don't give it up! Don't afraid any hazard! There are no hazard except Allah destined.

Allah gives the time and another possibilities. Make that you must make the first! Choose priorities!

And don't forget to send me a copy!

If you need any help ask me, brother, by e-mail (you know it).