Saturday, May 9, 2009

A Unique Example of Steadfastness

Sayyiduna Umar (RA) despatched an army to Rome under the leadership of Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA). The enemies captured him and his companions. When these noble souls were presented before the Roman emperor, he tried to entice Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) by telling him that if he embraced Christianity, he would include him in his government. The poor soul thought that by presenting wealth and position to this desert dweller, he would win him over. Little did he realize that before him was a die-hard supporter of Muhammad (SAWS) and that a thousand kingdoms could be sacrificed for his hunger and poverty. Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah openly rejected the offer.

Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) had to receive the treatment which the world metes out to those who are steadfast in the way of truth. The emperor issued instructions for him to be hung and killed by arrows. The officers began to hang him up and prepare him as a target for the arrows to pierce his body. Death was dancing in front of him. But the emperor was surprised to see that this slave of Allah was not perturbed or anxious and afraid in the least bit. When did the emperor see such a person who looks at death in the eye and smiles. The emperor thought that this man needs to be killed in such a manner that will make him afraid and he would be compelled to tremble. Subsequently, he issued the order that he must be brought down from the crucifixion pole and thrown into a boiling pot of water.

When the pot began to boil, a companion of Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah was brought and flung into the pot. Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) saw that the victim’s flesh immediately separated from his bones and his bones began shining. The king said, “If you do not accept Christianity, you will suffer the same consequence.”

However, this terrifying scene too did not make Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) waver in the least. He had only one answer, and that was he could undergo all this torture but he could not renounce Islam.

The soldiers prepared to throw him into the pot. Now there was an amazing sight. The same Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) who was smiling when he was about to be hung, now began shedding tears. The king felt that now he had defeated his adversary and immediately summoned for him. He asked him the reason why he began to cry. Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) replied, “I am crying because I wish I had a hundred lives and this should be done to each life of mine.”

On hearing this, the king was stunned. He did not expect such an answer from a person who was about to be flung into the jaws of death in a most terrifying manner. Finally he probably decided that the punishment of such a person is not in killing him but in keeping him alive. He accordingly addressed him as follows:

“Okay, kiss my forehead and I will release you.” Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) responded, “I accept this on condition you don’t only release me but you release all my companions.” The emperor said, “Okay, I will release all your companions.” Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) stepped forward, kissed his forehead and returned safely with his companions


When this sacred caravan came to Umar (RA) and he heard their experience, he stood up from his place and kissed Abdullah Ibn Hudhafah (RA) on his head for having displayed such steadfast iman, intuition and wisdom in leading his companions and miraculously returning safely with them.

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