Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Miracle of the Qur'an

Assalamu alikum brothers and sisters
Have you come across a person who denies the Qur'an on the basis of its being outdated.
Show that stupiud this picture.
Show him that Qur'an tells of long generation of people.
Very long.....
Nearly 60 ft. or more....
See the skeleton of this person being diggen oput.
Compare it with the man who is digging it.

How Fir'aun has been demonstrated by the al mighty Allah

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters
Have you known about one pledge of Allah?
Allah,the most glorified said to Fir'aun,
"We will retain your body so that it will be a sign for the whole humanity."
You can see here that even after thousands of years the dead body of fir'aun is still lying without being eaten by worms.
Because he rejected the oneness of Allah.
Rather he,the stupid said that he himself is God.
His face tells his cries.......
See here his insulted body.
See! What happened to the enemy of allah.

So dare not to challenege the rulings of allah.

Or you will be labelled "Fir'aun and Company" .


Muhammad Aslam Ibne Meer Al Hindi

Kaaba during the flood of 1941

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters
Have ever seen the incidence when there is flood in Kaaba?
It occured in 1941.
The water was perhaps 4-5 feet in its level.
You can see...................
But who could stop the lovers of Allah.........
For them it was the purification of soul, heart and bodily sins...

The future plan about the surroundings of Kaaba

Assalamu alikum brothers and sisters
The construction work has starteed for the surroundings of Kaaba.
There has been a no. of plnas about the Kaaba in the mind of the Saudi Government.
This design will allow more space for the residence of Haji's
But at the same time the free area available for Tawaaf will reduce.

This one utilises tight mostly the land near Kaaba.
This arrangement will soothen the haaji's from the Sun light.

This is the most spacious plan.

Well lets see what's the Wish of allah.

Information about Kaaba

Asslamua alikum brothers and sisters.
Below you ca see the preparation of Kaaba gilaf.
U know how much it costs?
17 Million Saudi Riyals...
The Kaa'ba is covered by a black cloth known as 'Kiswa', which is produced & changed every year. Special factory designed for the making of Kiswa in Makkah. It costs approx. SR 17million.The cloth is made of 670kgs of silver dyed black, about 120kgs of pure gold & 50kgs of silver used in writing the Qur'anic verses over the cloth. The total area of the cloth is 658sqr meter.

Here you can see what are the various pats of Kaaba.
This daigram will help you perform Hajj in crrect manner as you will be knowing where are varios maqaams of Kaaba.

Muhammad Asam Ibne Meer al Hindi