Saturday, February 23, 2008

Slap them off

What is the need of fearing with Condoliza Rice?
Let them fear of you instead.........

Friday, February 22, 2008

Fear of Allah and know ur duty

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
Please watch it closly... and I hope each one of you spread this message. may be one candel can't light a whole big room but with your candel and mine , other wil be able to light thier candels , then we will be be able light the rooms & all distracted minds .. Those peaople take in the month less than 1 $ and Irish cows take daily 4$ : what will you tell Allah When he ask you what have you done for ur brother muslims who are in a sever sever need!!! those people are muslims pray 5 times aday in the stons and dust. what idf this was your son or brother..! People they are humans as us , they feel by sadness and happiness and cry and talk ...Where is mercy in your hearts. help them even with one $ daily. Take from food & give them . we all are going to die. remember and we all will be back to Allah... think What will be your snswer then...!!!!try to know about islamic system (the khilafah) n read to ruling system of islam

Created Who this universe

Assalamu alaikum brothers and sisters.
I had thought that I will not upload my 2nd topic.
But I could not abstain myself.
Here it is for your beloved view.


Thursday, February 21, 2008

The House of Allah and the Mosque of Prophet s.a.w.

ASSALAMU ALAIKUM brothers and sisters.
See the picture below and be known that the House of Allah and the Mosque of Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. always remain in NOOR.


Monday, February 18, 2008

The house where the Messenger of Allah s.a.w. lived for 28 years

This is the house ........................... you can find out very well that such a simple house can be of the prophet s.a.w.

Muhammad Aslam Ibne Meer Al Hindi

Sunday, February 17, 2008

What that happened!!!!!!!!!!

Today minfazlillah I have written the first page of my book.
Click over it and you will get the detailed picture.
But my handwriting is broken.............sorry for that.................
Professor Muhammad Suleman ,the Head of Hindi Deptt. at Darul Uloom ,Deoband remarked it ,
"Just like that of a student of 5 th standard."
But it is still comprehensible................

Now let me translate it into English.

1. What that happened

Such a book has reached into my hands that I have checked its truthfulness.In the last pages ,it is written:-

"Verily We have created the human into best mould." ( Soorah Teen,Para 30)

That means Human being is the best in all the livings.But what is this?

"Then We threw him lower than the lows."

Did the status of human fall below worm and pig or dog's?

If I read the pages of starting ,it has been said to a tribe named Banee Israa'eel:-

"and verily you have known those who crossed the limit regarding the (ruling of) Saturday so We Said (ordered) them to be insulted Monkeys."

(Soorah Baqarah,Rukoo'a 8)

When I proceed further ,the same tribe has been addressed as:-

"(You) say (to them) do I tell you among these (all people) for whom is the bad reward before Allah ; the one who was cursed by Allah and got angreed with him and made some of them monkeys and some of them pigs and the one who observed the slavery of shaitaan; These people are bad in status and had gone astray from the right path." (Soorah Ma'idah ,Rukoo'a 9)

Oh! He made us hear and made us see!!!!!

Now we have to find out who are Allah and Shaitaan and what to do to become human again.

So lets start our investigation and find out why we have been converted to beasts and how to become human again.

Rest you will have to read in the book.................