Monday, December 31, 2007

Future of Indian Muslims is destruction !!!!!!!

In a no. of verses in Qur'an ,Allah informs the Muslims that if they will not obey the Islam,Allah will wash them off the earth and put at their place newer Muslims.
And these newer Muslims will not be like these previous ones.
For instance it is mentioned in the last Ayat of Soorah Muhammad s.a.w.
They has been called as Aakhareen(the later ones).
It all has been indicated by the inauspicious incidence of Dishonour of Kaaba Shareef in the start of year 1400 hijri.
In that incidence,a false man claimed to be Imam Mahdi alaihissalaam.
The holy kaaba was for the first time in its history without salaat(prayer).
The blood spread in the atmosphere of Kaaba.
Means the roots of the whole universe has shaken.
So the destruction has been bound to occur by Allah.
After all,the defeats and so cruel killings of Muslims across the world has proved it to us.
Also some scholars has researched that the previous ones of this ummah has a life of 1500 year.
This simply means that this part of ummah will be destroyed,because the worst people are this modern part of ummah.
Now the question arises that who will replace them???
Exactly the Hindu tribe.
In their scriptures it is the complete description of Islam and it is regarded as the true and only religion that has to followed.
It is written," The Temples will be replaced by the Mosques."
Also,"I say that this will be the end of the beastly religion and spread of the religion of Muslims."
So this Hindu tribe is going to replace the decayed Muslims.
Their scholars has calculated that the Satiyug(the best religious time) is just approaching us.
It is upon us now that we spread Islam among them or remain busy in our earnings and get destroyed suddenly.
If we will not ell them the Sanatan Dharma i.e. Islam ,they will search it by themselves and we will not be given no importance in their Islamic state.

So decide what you want to do.
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Wassalaam Al Khair Jazaa