Monday, September 24, 2007

O Salman Khan ! You will have to return to Islam

O Salman Khan,the brother of Ummah السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ
You have spent more than 40 years of your life in this to be vanished world.
The world spoiled you and you have enjoyed a lot in this world.
But tell me about your future!!!
Its a darkness rather.
It means you chosen that business that will fail at last.
But Allah calls you towards a business that will never fail ,never fade out,never had been proved as loss giving,100% success assured.
Its the business of Aakhirah(world hereafter) i.e. the end of all what is there in this world.
O the brother of Ummah join this world and your success is assured!!!!!!
May Allah guide you to the path of righteous people.

Time for Sania Mirza to follow complete Islam

O the sister of ummah SANIA MIRZA السلام علیکم ورحمۃ اللہ وبرکاتہ
One night I saw in dream ,a path which was downhill in the beginning for a little distance.Then it was uphill for a good distance.This dream indicates two phases of your life1.Your carrier will descend for some time2.Your carrier will ascend then for a long period of time.I have observed the 1st period and observing the 2nd period.But only Allah knows thatwhen it is going to end.But it seems to me that Allah have chosen you for some more important job.

Thats the service of Islam.Allah is concentrated on this land of World,INDIA.An islamic revolution is going to occur here.
"Surely the religion near to Allah is this ISLAM,........" (Soorah Aali Imran,Rukoo'a 2)
"And one who believes in Allah(,then He)guides his heart (to the right path),...." (Soorah Taghabun,Rukoo'a 2)
"Be kown to the fact that that the worldly life is Sporting and entertainment and decoration and showing the proud amond themselves andincreasing the wealth and children(but these things are considered as zero in the eye of Allah)" (Soorah Hadeed,Rukoo'a 3)
"Say that my prayer and my sacrifice and my life and my death is for the sake of Allah ,who is the Nourisher of whole universe." (Soorah An'aam,Rukoo'a 20)

May Allah Guide to the path of His Messengers